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This necklace was made in crochet with sewing thread and seed beads. It was the first one I made using this technique and material.

Where to find Jeanie Jewellery items to buy online?

    You will find here personalised accessories with names, charms and pendants for bracelets and other accessories to buy via email. You can also order other items via email.

Where to find Jeanie Jewellery to buy in person?
  • Shop by appointment only 

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About Jeanie Jewellery

    Welcome to Jeanie's Jewellery homepage. All the jewellery is designed by me, Cintia Gough, with a lot of love and care. My ideas come from a mixture of my life in Brazil and England. I have a great passion for creating unique pieces using unusual material and techniques. 

    Here you will find jewellery made in crochet with sewing thread or wire; jewellery made with cornflour and PVA glue "Biscuit", as seen on Bead magazine issue 39;
    I love designing jewellery at the customers request to match their outfits. I have made jewellery for especial occasions like weeding and proms. I also make earrings or other accessories to match a necklace or other accessories.
    I repair and up cycle jewellery giving a new life to a loved piece.
I have designed a perfume "Jeanie Lavender" with the support of Chris Bartlett from Pell Wall perfumes
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Jeanie Jewellery -  Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil - Telefones:(51)998145920 (51)989393860

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